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By building long-term partnerships with clients, we get to know their IT environments and ensure business continuity at every stage of cooperation.

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Hardware infrastructure is one of the pillars of company’s operations. Any major undertaking involving infrastructure modification, reconfiguration, or expansion should be thoroughly prepared. Thus, prior to every IT infrastructure project, we perform an audit.

We are committed to the maximum security of the change implementation and to designing the optimal solution. The audit allows us to plan costs and avoid possible mistakes, pitfalls, and other project challenges.

As part of the audit, we diagnose the existing infrastructure and take inventory of hardware and virtual environments. We also analyze client’s expectations.

Audit results may include:

documentation of the current state of the client's IT environment
full hardware and virtual environment inventory
security components specification
optimal backup schedule selection
good configuration practices recommendations
precise IT infrastructure modifications recommendations

To achieve that we:

take inventory of the client's IT environment
prepare IT environment documentation
verify the compatibility of the current IT environment with the documentation
create the environment recommendation for the given scenario: expansion, ensuring high data availability, or securing data access

IT infrastructure integration and optimization

Our work begins with an analysis of the client’s environment, preparing documentation and examining the infrastructure capability in relation to the client’s needs. We optimize resources and if the client’s needs exceed their equipment capabilities, we modernize and upgrade the infrastructure.

The solutions we recommend meet the most demanding performance, availability, and security parameters.

As a world-class technology manufacturers partner, we offer solution delivery along with the best practices implementation.

To achieve that we:

take inventory of the IT environment and analyze its capabilities
recommend solutions for infrastructure integration
select optimal hardware solutions to match the specific requirements
deliver, install, and configure equipment
support, consult, and train
help create the information security policy
provide infrastructure management and maintenance services


Many companies face the need to make significant changes to their IT infrastructures: replacing a virtualization platform, expanding or changing disk storage, or moving to a different backup system. These kinds of changes require specialized knowledge, expertise, and time. In such situations, many companies decide to leverage external experts whose experience will allow them to efficiently and safely go through the entire change process.

Our task is to help our clients with any infrastructure change in the most effective way. We ensure the shortest possible migration time, no environment downtime, and full data security.

While working on a migration project, our team creates a schedule based on the best practices (including configuration) recommended by technology manufacturers.

Working with us, you get:

time and cost savings
reduction of IT department workload
migration process performed on schedule
continuous operation of the environment during the migration process
high level of data security
assurance of migration completed using the best practices

To achieve that we:

audit the IT environment prior to the migration
develop procedures for the post-migration environment
prepare the migration schedule
verify the post-migration environment


Every equipment relocation is a challenge for the IT department and requires careful planning.

Our relocation plans include selecting the means of transport, as well as personnel who take responsibility for the smooth execution of the entire operation.

Our team of engineers specialized in designing, construction, and management of IT infrastructure guarantee a well-developed plan and its successful implementation. We provide a warehouse stock as a collateral in case of device failures, if any, after relocation.

Equipment can be relocated between the existing data centers or to the new ones. In both cases, we provide years of experience in the design and technical implementation of such projects.

To achieve that we:

take inventory of connections before the relocation
provide insurance coverage for the equipment that is being relocated
test the relocated equipment
secure the spare parts in the event of failure

IT Processes Outsourcing

As a partner of top hardware technology manufacturers, we provide full support for managing IT infrastructure. For many companies, entrusting hardware support to an experienced integrator is the best way to improve the efficiency of the IT department, optimize costs, and enhance data security. The client also gets access to the skills of a team of engineers with years of experience in implementing complex projects for the most demanding companies and institutions.

To achieve that we offer:

IT infrastructure audit
recommendations for support and for infrastructure optimization
ensuring the required availability of resources, efficiency, and security
support for improving the security policy for IT infrastructure and for data
consulting, training, and support in buying new technologies

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