Dedicated QlikView application for Lenovo


  • to reduce reporting time;
  • to integrate reports from multiple external sources;
  • to accelerate the process of obtaining the information needed to make strategic decisions;
  • to create a central data warehouse.


  • quickly create complex analysis and obtain the information you need from a single system;
  • automate data processing, reducing the report generation costs;
  • streamline ordering, delivery, sales and inventory control processes;
  • reduce report generation and delivery waiting time;
  • enable decision-makers to make strategic decisions with reliable and up-to-date information from various areas (production, warehouses, distribution, sales, etc.).

Solution components:

  • delivery of the Qlik’s Business Intelligence QlikView platform license;
  • designing and building a dedicated, modular application for advanced analysis of the company’s sales data;
  • maintenance service of the completed system.
The project implementation allowed us to achieve the exact goals we had set for ourselves. Using QlikView combined with an application that was designed specially for us streamlined our sales data collection and processing. We would also like to stress the professional attitude of Infonet Projekt SA engineers who, in addition to the timely completion of their assigned work, provided us with great support to ensure the efficient and effective use of the QlikView platform capabilities to fulfill our business requirements,"
- says: Andrzej Sowinski, CEO of Lenovo Polska.

ready to expand further

The use of the QlikView platform and the specially designed modular application significantly streamlined data collection and processing. At the same time, new opportunities for effective use of the collected information emerged. Such information, when visualized in a clear way, can be used to quickly make strategic decisions.


Lenovo is an innovative technologies leader for home, business, and corporate users. The company focuses on high-quality services, offering a variety of products, including PCs, workstations, servers, storage, smart TVs, as well as mobile products, such as smartphones, tablets, and apps. With such a large-scale operation, even the slightest delays in obtaining information necessary for planning and strategic decisions making must be eliminated. For a company that handles both production and cooperation with distributors and dealers, the access to real-time quantitative data and the information exchange between various areas in the shortest time possible is essential to visualize the data related to productivity, transportation flows, and cost patterns. This allows the supply chain to function seamlessly, directly benefiting the client service process. As a company grows, the sales and production also do, and the amount of collected data increases. In order to be useful and authoritative, such data must be factual and properly categorized and, therefore, easily accessible and allowing for quick analysis.

What if there is no central data warehouse available?

Reports from external sources are processed using the tools that cease to be efficient and effective with the increasing amount of data and their aggregation is time-consuming and may be riddled with errors. In a competitive environment, you cannot afford such situations. The decision was simple.

Distributed sources data integration

Such integration allows for better insight into sale and production processes, as well as faster decision-making. A thorough study of the current data collection methods allowed us to propose an optimal tailored solution. First, we delivered Business Intelligence QlikView platform license from Qlik. The second stage involved designing and building a dedicated, tailored modular application for advanced analysis of all the company’s sales data.

With this solution, the company can collect all the important data from different sources using one application. Presenting the data in an understandable and modern way speeds up the analysis and enables drawing accurate conclusions. This is a great benefit not only to the analysis department, but especially to the Product Managers, who can now efficiently handle sales metrics for a given product, either in general or in a specific time frame, and are able to forecast and compare the flow of goods against global trends.

Accurate business analytics as the key to success

The flexibility of the application allows you to ask questions and get the most important information. The access to self-service business analytics tools and the ability to create reports without the help of IT specialists or business analysts is invaluable. The aggregated data enable a diversified view of production and sales and allow to diagnose issues that require immediate response. Like most consumer goods, Lenovo products are subject to certain purchasing habits and sales levels vary throughout the year. The capabilities of the designed application make it possible to detect these trends. That, in turn, translates into accurate decisions and adjustment of supply to the forecasted demand well in advance.

Knowledge at your fingertips

The solution used presents complete data. Data processing automation significantly reduced data integration costs and shortened the data delivery and presentation wait time.

"The application we built in QlikView allows to create extensive reports in a short time and get the information needed from a single system, streamlining ordering, delivery, and inventory control processes."
- says: Dariusz Karcz, Software Solutions Architect, Infonet Projekt SA